Create Google Documents From Email Attachments

Mar 2012

A friend one day asked on Twitter:

“I want to create Google Docs from an email. Outlook plug-in, email to service… Anyone?”

After some research I found that Google once offered an email-in service to Google Docs, but removed it back in December of 2009. A continued search did not yield anything that would solve the problem.

I took it upon myself to re-create the missing feature and am happy to announce Send To Gdocs. A free service that allows anyone to create Google Docs from email attachments.

It works like this…

  1. Browse to and click “Create An Account.”
  2. The application will ask permission to upload documents to Google Docs on your behalf.
  3. You will be redirected to where you’re given a unique email address.
  4. Use this address to forward emails that have attachments in them. Send To Gdocs will strip out all attachments and upload them to Google Docs.

Emails and attachments are purged from the system immediately after processing.

I hope to fill a void with this service and that it proves useful. In the link above, Google mentioned they were working on improving the service and would be brining it back. I guess I beat them to the punch.