Jun 2013

Vim has always been my editor of choice but approximately every six months I’ll get an itch to try something new. After reading Andrew Brookins excellent review of PyCharm, it was time to scratch that itch.

These are my notes on issues I ran into while trying to configure PyCharm. So far I’m seeing a lot of potential, but getting everything configured how I want has been a huge time sink. There are small inconsistencies within the PyCharm documenation so things don’t work as described. This leads to several hours wasted fixing things and has lead to frustration.

Vagrant Integration

  • A Vagrantfile is automatically created for you after downloading a vagrant box. It has an incorrect value and should be changed to lucid32.
  • When adding a Python remote interpreter, the Private key file has double quotes around the file name and need to be removed.


  • You cannot remap keys, at least not yet according to the GitHub repo. My traditional Vi setup I’m able to remap things like kj to escape from insert mode.

Battery Drain

  • The battery life on my Mac Book Pro is rechid. Full charges are drained approximately twice as fast when PyCharm is running.